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How Do Space Suits Even Work?


People have been going into space for some time now and we’ve seen astronauts sporting all sorts of outfits to do so, but how do those space suits actually work? And how have they evolved over time to accommodate our ever-expanding explorations further from our home planet?

We’re talking space suit fashion, or well, more accurately, space suit innovation (although, if I’m being honest, they are becoming quite stylish these days).

Image: Astronaut on space walk orbiting earth and waving at the camera

Source: Pixabay

These suits essentially act as personal space crafts, and they have one very important job: to keep humans alive. A tall order in places quite different from the atmosphere here on earth.

Let’s begin with a little overview from WIRED that brings us from the first space suits that were designed by NASA, to the latest and greatest (and very chic) innovation that’ll be making its debut in space in the next couple years: the Boeing Blue.

Via: WIRED  1

Cool, right? But how do these contraptions actually work…

We sought out Seeker for a historical overview of how exactly space suits have been able to protect our fragile human bodies from the vacuum of space; from that first suit used in the first spacecraft mission to the latest designs that we’ve just seen!

Via: Seeker 2

So, what does it feel like to be inside some of these suits?

Loren Grush from The Verge wanted to know what it was like to wear one, and was able to try on the suit that’s used to walk on the moon as well as the one being developed to protect astronauts on Mars! She brings us along with her in this…

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