30 Apr

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Sensors are pivotal to industrial IoT systems. Accuracy in these systems is essential from smoke sensors to instrumentation systems, from electricity meters to flow control meters, and beyond into applications such as medical monitors.

Analogue sensing for these applications requires high-accuracy sensor signal acquisition and conditioning. Pain points for designers working with analogue sensing include:

  • Power consumption
  • BOM costs
  • Board space
  • Data security
  • Flexibility

To address these needs, Renesas introduced the S1JA microcontroller which can offer various configurations for analogue systems.

This webinar will discuss how S1JA can achieve high accuracy sensor systems by looking at each integrated analogue functions.

Join this webinar to:

  • Discover a new analogue microcontroller which will achieve a better performance, simplified design, and BOM cost reduction.
  • Gain greater understanding on analogue functions that are integrated on Renesas Synergy S1JA microcontroller (ADC, DAC, Comparator, OpAmp)
  • Learn how to utilise the multiple analogue functions on a single microcontroller

Join us live on Thur 12th Sept at 4pm CEST / 3pm BST or watch on demand - register your interest

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